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it's not always about you, you know. :iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 0 0
I'm Not Going to Say
I'm not going to say
I would climb a mountain
for you,
Because God knows
what you would be
doing up there
in the first place.
I'm not going to say
I would dive into the ocean
for you
Because you'd
probably drown
by the time
I got there.
And I'm not going to say
I would travel the most distant lands
for you,
Because I have
always been
at reading maps.
But I AM going to say that
the love I have for you
Is so rare
and pure,
that it cannot be found:
At the peak
of the highest mountain,
Or the floor
of the deepest ocean,
Or across the plains
of even the most distant
of lands.
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 1 0
Flawlessly Human
Someone to grow old with,
to nurture,
& to care for.
Someone that betters me in every way,
& whom I better too
(-from the love
that flows
between us).
Someone who I can sigh at
for leaving dirty socks everywhere,
but who will then quip back with
'your glasses are on your face again'
(so you can stop looking for them now, duh).
Someone who will be my rock during trying times,
comforting me as I weep in his arms-
yet has no trouble with
nuzzling my ear
in public.
Someone who gets a kick out of scaring me
with the garbage disposal,
but will then feel bad
& snuggle me from behind
to make up for it.
Someone who accepts that some days
I'm zany
& full of crude jokes,
But on others
I'm a sensitive soul,
in need of a good cry.
Someone who will be there
through the laughter,
the tears,
the youth
& the arthritis.
In essence,
who loves me
for being
Flawlessly Human.
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 1 0
Hurt. by IgnorantAwareness Hurt. :iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 2 0 I can't draw by IgnorantAwareness I can't draw :iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 1 0
is just
out of reach.
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 0 0
Mature content
So long. :iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 0 8
25 Expressions Challenge- w/ Answers! by IgnorantAwareness 25 Expressions Challenge- w/ Answers! :iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 2 0 25 Expressions Challenge! by IgnorantAwareness 25 Expressions Challenge! :iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 0 0 Rose by IgnorantAwareness Rose :iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 3 2
RENEWAL- Explanation of 'Revival' Trilogy
(End part of the 'Revival' introduction trilogy)
Whew, that was a pretty intense introduction to my story
(sorry folks, didn't mean to bore you already D=!)
Anyway, the reason for that loooong introduction was that I felt like I needed to explain why I'm here (again);
*cue deep, dramatic breath*
In short, I had given up; on a lot of things
(life, love, creativity- to name a few)
I used to love being creative!
Drawing, writing, whatever- you name it, I did it!
(except for singing- only in the shower, haha xD)
But growing up, I realised a lot of people weren't like that;
most people would go along their little lives, barely looking up,
consumed in their own personal matters.
To them, feelings & creativity didn't take much of a precedence
(over things like rationality & realism, anyway).
(These are the people I reference in 'Rebirth'-
concerned with financial (rather than personal) wealth)
Now, I know not everyone in the 'real world' is like that
(in the same way that you real
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 0 0
I resigned from my duty
For the purpose of 'fitting in';
To be please all their needs,
And be more like them.
To accommodate, agree & accept without question
To surpress & seethe inwardly, without further suggestion
To fight the urge
to writhe my way
Back to where I belong
To the land of the living,
the land of the wronged
The land of imagination,
of freedom & health;
Not at all like the world
of fast fame & wealth.
I do miss it. Terribly so.
I miss Calliope's cosmos of colour,
In poetry, art & sound.
And that's why I'm back
from my self-inflicted cage,
Back from the dead
to this flailing day & age.
To shut down my fears,
& let all doubt go
To link arms with the brave,
& just go with the flow.
This is my story,
& I'm sure you'll agree
Now that we're here,
It's time
to fly free.
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 0 0
A blank canvas...
to begin, to expire,
& all in between;
To be born & to die,
all by the pen.
But to those were not born into this world,
it is a struggle.
They see this world as fickle,
fleeting, & passé.
To them, it is a waste;
of time,
of money,
& space.
They do not understand
that, without the brave ones,
there would be no time,
or money,
or space.
Because to create, is to live
-But to be alive, is to experience;
To experience this creativity.
To hear it, smell it, touch it, feel it;
To let it consume you, in all that you do;
The only rule
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 1 0
I miss it.
I miss having it.
The purely liberating, guilt-free freedom of simply having it...
...the freedom of expression
to transform & create.
To creatively think where no man, or woman,
has ever thought before.
To have words drift off the tongue; intertwining in alliteration, metaphors & more,
before gliding onto a smooth new page,
Dancing & weaving their way
under & over the lines.
The lines show us where we're supposed to go,
We stay inside them, in fear that we'll lose control*
-Except for those of us who are brave enough.
Brave enough
to do what we want,
say what we want,
And be whoever we damn well wish to be;
Because, in the reality of these reckless young souls,
the only barriers set
Are your own.
No longer prisoners of our own minds
our own expectations
& our own restraints,
The blade of creativity tears away
at these artificial boundaries,
Leading only
to a blank canvas.
*(this is a rework of some Goot lyrics
(Asleep at the Wheel)
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 0 0
"Dear God,
Please take care of him
I know I've asked for things in the past
and I've broken promises
and I haven't been the best I can be
But I've never wanted anything more.
I don't ask for lots of money
or a fast car
or world fame
(replace 'fame' with 'domination' as appropriate)
or a big house-
Just take care of him
and make this work
please please PLEASE
just make this work.
I know I may be young
but I know when I've found true love.
You put in me
the capacity to love
(maybe a little too passionately)
but that's what makes it a gift
as well as a curse
so I want to take this godgiven gift
and make something out of it.
I want to give it to
someone who deserves it
You've opened my eyes
to the hidden gems
of the world-
life's true blessings
I never thought I would be good enough
or pretty enough
or funny enough
or smart enough
or lucky enough
to have someone
who truly cares
But now I do
Now I know
what it's like
to have an angel
a blessing
a lover
a best f
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 0 0
Here Goes Nothing
i dont have fancy words this time,
so i hope heartfelt
will do.
so here goes nothing,
as i tell you
:iconignorantawareness:IgnorantAwareness 3 6
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The depression is still there- it hangs like fog, clouding my senses into dull murk. 
Only now, I know I shall be failing my university for good this time- along with relationships, work, & the rest of life along with it. 

On the plus side, though, I've now realised that depression & pain are my two closest allies when it comes to creativity- so expect to see that manifested soon from me. 

That's all.


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